Available for Collaboration and Currently Building/Investing at HexigonAI

Searching for the point of Singularity

Tayler has been apart of over 250+ Web and Digital Projects as a Product Designer (12+ Years). She previously sold (Aqui-hire) a Webflow Enterprise Studio BrandWeld, (2021). She previously sold articles published on Digital Computer Arts (2018). She currently is investing In No-Code Tools & President at HexigonAI. She holds a Master's In Architecture and have a fasciation with AI, Design & Gardening.

"I started my career sneaking out to the local Burger King designing websites for two suppliers that worked for my father (he owned a construction company). There were two things I learned working out of BK: 1) No idea can be solved without talking to end users (ask the baristas, cashier or cooks what they think). 2) Every brand or design deliverable will always be evolving. Product Design is a growing mastery, and the difference between senior and junior designers, isn't experience, it is the speed of production.

Once you have mastered the craft, you will find that as creators, we live in the greatest of times. Today, we have nearly every tool that allows us to conceive of worlds not yet imagined. We can create nearly everything.

I’ve been there with the teams that have tried, and the nights that I can't sleep, are the nights that we have gotten close, pushing boundaries towards the unknown. And then we launch. We sit anxiously awaiting users to hold the brand in their hands; or scrolling down,- identifying themselves while using this new disrupting solution.

The landscape of product design is wider than ever. The road will always be a messy one, but the outcome; the launch; the reveal; the emotion of the team when they see a user smile: Is something that us as creators are addicted too.

If this is something your team is doing, or your looking to revitalize your existing brand- invite me, and lets take it to the next level -
Lets build it together at Hexigon.AI."

During the BrandWeld days, I have contracted with over 200 Clients for Webflow Web & Design Services:

6 Fortune 100 Companies

76 Startups

$440 Million Raise by our Clients

7 Acquisitions

3 Clients Turned to Unicorns

Companies I have invested in or actively building
Available for Projects and Collaborations