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Tayler Freund Designer
Tayler Freund Designer

Designing for Human


Tayler Freund is a Product Designer (10+ Years) and a partner at BrandWeld, a no-code studio that is a leader in the No Code revolution. She also writes for Digital Computer Arts, and holds a Master's In Architecture.

I started my careeer sneaking out to the local Burger King designing websites for two suppliers that worked for my father (he owned a construction company). There were two things I learned working out of BK: 1) No idea can be solved without talking to end users (ask the baristas, cashier or cooks what they think). 2) Every brand or design deliverable will always be evolving. Production is a growing mastery, and the difference between senior and junior designers, isn't experience, it is the speed of production. 

Once you have mastered the craft, you will find that as creators, we live in the greatest of times. Today, we have nearly every tool that allows us to conceive of worlds not yet imagined. We can create nearly everything. 

I’ve been there with the teams that have tried, and the nights that I can't sleep, are the nights that we have gotten close, pushing boundaries towards the unknown. And then we launch. We sit anxiously awaiting users to hold the brand in their hands; or scrolling down,- identifying themselves using this disrupting solution.

The landscape of product design is wider than ever. The road will always be a messy one, but the outcome; the launch; the reveal; the emotion of the team when they see a user smile: Is something that us as creators are addicted too.

If this is something your team is doing, or your looking to revitilize your existing brand- invite me, and lets take it to the next level - Start your project.


Brand Strategy

This is where it all starts. Your brand should be unique. It should tell the right stories and evoke the right connections.
Logos and Brand Discovery
I love working with new ideas and have years of experience in producing logos, brand strategy and product design in a conventional graphical standard for accessibility and trade marking. After we are done I have experience in Product Hunt Luanches and more.

UI UX & Product Design

I strive to make digital products that are both functional and beautiful. I focus on results but I design for humans.
Websites and Applications
In todays day and age, your website is your businesscard. Based on your projects goals, we build intuitive, responsive and fitting web applications. Whether you have something to sell, show or tell, I will help you tell your story while making a good first impression. I use Figma for all UI UX activities and teach Figma as well.

Webflow & No-Code

Digital experiences that are created with no-code technology to spark emotions and help a brand leave an impact 10x faster.
I build in Webflow
I have over 5 years of Webflow experience with intricacies in understanding Webflow Development standards, design systems and responsive standards as well as accessibility and easy of progressing the design throughout the years. BrandWeld is a professional partner, and has close ties with the development team. I also have experience in Bubble, Adalo and soon to be an agency partner for Ycode.

A Love

For my Client's


“We were super pleased with the training documents and the Webflow training session. She is a No-Code Expert and was even making changes to our work. Priceless
David Freund
Founder of Inter
"I interviewed Tayler for an upcoming Podcast and she was one of the best interviewers I have had on the show to date. She knows her stuff.
Yair Korin
Founder of Codeless Market
Webflow Partner for First Round Capital

First Round Came to Tayler for on-going work for their Webflow Endeavors and has been a 2 year on-going commitment

Redesigning and developing Inter's (6+) Companies

Inter is a WordPress & Development Behemoth with over 6 companies that they have generated or acquired. Tayler supports all of them.

Pushing forward the Carbon Health Webflow Team

Carbon Health is on the forefront of health and patient wellness. Being newly on Webflow they need on-going support for their robust Web applications built all on Webflow.